Health Care, USA

JCHM Medical Staffing Healthcare LLC is an staffing agency that offers career opportunities to healthcare professionals in the USA and worldwide. Kaitlin Pineau-Alexander, our owner, has worked as a nurse since 2010 and has experienced working in various settings.

After working as a nurse for about one and a half years on a Cardiac Step Down Unit, she realized that sickness and disease can cause an individual to feel hopeless, lifeless, and purposeless. Medicine can only do so much, but through Christ, all things are possible.

Kaitlin’s life has been completely renewed since she came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior. He has set a path for her which is undeserved, and she strives to run this race called life to serve Him and others. 

She believes that only when you come to the knowledge of who your Creator is, what He has done for you, and who He has created you to be, can you go through life with hope. No matter what you go through, He is your guide, strength, and source for everything you need. He is the only means of Salvation. No matter what comes your way in life, He is the anchor that will keep you founded.

Kaitlin and her husband started this business with the intent to let everyone they meet know that through Jesus Christ, there is Hope. He is your salvation and with that, you have an immense purpose in this life and the life after. They pray to be used as instruments to help guide you.

This company exists to serve you in a way not only to help you, but place you in a setting where you feel led to be, where your gifts can be cultivated, and to pray that doors open up for you that only God could open, to build you up into the man or woman that God has called you to be. Not only are you loved, but you are called—we hope to help you in that calling.

Mission Statement

Our company will be instrumental in revitalizing hospitals with medical staff with the ambition to excel in their individual unique qualities. We seek to encourage and build each individual in the specific gifting that he or she may have and act as a liaison between the individual and their chosen healthcare profession. If we can't place you at a hospital immediately, we will partner you with another medical staffing agency that might be more suitable for your unique professional needs.