Eric S. Alexander

President/Global CEO

Our President Gobal CEO Eric S. Alexander is truly one of a kind. A natural born leader, and go-getter, and has been built for taking on huge challenges and making a way to first and foremost serve Christ, his wife and family, his job/ministry and the community. His knowledge exceeds most, his know-how seems to come as he takes on each day and strives to live it to the fullest. His determination, and leadership is right on when it comes to navigating the twists and turns of what it takes to manage a worldwide corporation. He not only is a qualified man, he is a deeply interesting, in-tune, and compassionate individual. He knows how to, will, and wants to engage with and work with people from the top-ranked organizations, to the least acknowledged destitute person on the streets. He is a dynamic, dynamite individual who will not take no for an answer when it comes to God, his family, and fulfilling his mission. Listed below are a few things that describe his skillset.

He is someone that excels in overcoming challenges and obstacles and will take it head-on.

Experienced in Leadership, Team Building, Acquisitions, and Financial Analysis.
Results-oriented senior management professional with the reputation of goal-oriented visionary, high integrity, and effective communication. Effective in reorganizing, streamlining, and strengthening operations to maximize performance and profitability. Responds to operational and financial challenges with confidence, determination, and focus.

Strong qualifications in general management, business planning and revitalization of employee morale and corporate reputation of a goal-oriented visionary, high integrity culture. Develop proactive working relationships with board, investors, lender, customers, vendors, and other personnel critical to growth, expansion and profitability. Skilled in turnarounds and bankruptcy reorganization.

Executive Leadership Competencies

Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting, Organizational Leadership & Development, New Product & Market Channel Expansion, Productivity & Efficiency Improvement, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures,  Cost Accounting & Cost Reduction, Human Resources/Risk Management, Board Director, Audit Committee, New Enterprise Start-Up/Launch,

Investor/Lender Presentations, Cash & Inventory Management, Strategic Planning & Growth, Manufacturing Operations,

Regulatory Compliance, Crisis Management and IPO Road Shows.