If you received one of our business cards then we believe that this letter is for you.

Working in the healthcare profession and traveling the United States has been an eye-opening experience for us at JCHM Medical Staffing Healthcare. People are in desperate need of healthcare providers who have a heart to care for them as they would want to be cared for. We hope that JCHM Medical Staffing Healthcare is the right avenue for you to use to take on your healthcare profession to make a significant difference not only in your life, but in the lives of many others. You are called to do great things and to attempt and overcome major feats. You are not just “anyone.” You have giftings and abilities that were given specifically to you to use for a great purpose on earth. You will find as your explore this nation and potentially others, that you have so much to give to the people around you. And you will find that the more you experience, endure, and overcome, the stronger and more courageous you become. And you find that there is a path set for you to take in order to accomplish great things in your lifetime. The high road is not necessarily setting out for the best of the best of things. The high road is finding out and walking out the path set before you, and first and foremost, loving God above all things, and loving others as you do yourself. God creatively designed each and every day of your lives. And only until we come to this knowledge, will we deeply enjoy each day, no matter what hardships come our way.

The next step for you to take with us is to 1) Go to JCHMMedicalStaffingHealthcare.org click on the APPLY NOW! tab. Fill out the blank spaces. 2) Send an email to [email protected] with an attachment of your resume. Take a picture of your college diploma, and certificates related to the job you are applying for and attach to email.

We are committed to placing you in a job, and getting you the most payment for your job skill, if not, we will send you to one of our associate companies who can place you.